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Patient Resources


We’ve included the most important information needed to review and download before heading over to the Allergy & Asthma Treatment Center. We’ve also included resources that will help you better understand allergies, treatments, and our facilities,


How well do you know allergies? Want to learn more about allergies?

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Skin allergies

Cold, Allergies and Sinusitis - How to Tell the Difference

Helpful Patient Tips for Managing Allergies and Asthma

Managing Indoor Allergens

The Truth about Pet Allergies 

Allergy Friendly Gardening

Food allergy 101: Back to School Safety

Sinus Rinse Recipe

Cleaning Tips for Allergy and Asthma Sufferers

Skin care tips for patients with eczema 

Bleach Bath Recipe for Atopic Dermatitis

Tips for administering eye drops

Anaphylaxis Action Plan Form

Anaphylaxis Wallet Card

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